Monday, February 13, 2012

The Try in Try Again

A try is an attempt, and the try again refers to the very trying part of being a writer. But it is all necessary for being true to yourself.

One aspect of learning to form letters into whole words is that the alphabet takes shape through the process and each word becomes more than just the sum of its letters. That's also the way that writers grow. We connect the word with a feeling, a phrase with past and future sentences and a paragraph with the overall plot.

Unfortunately,  many writers I know believe that what they write must come forth full-form and full speed ahead at all times.  That's why it's good at times to go back to the basics.

It you don't write because it doesn't come out perfectly each time, then consider trying something new like poetry or writing a song. Both these writing forms concentrate on words as the building blocks.

It's also good if you are coming back to the writing life, or just beginning it, to not to beat yourself up over not being perfect. We all have a lifetime to try again, and again, to reach the goals we set for ourselves.

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