Friday, February 10, 2012

The Power in Words

The words we use on ourselves and in our writing, on all levels, carry the power to heal or destroy. Although that may sound like hyperbole, it's more an acknowledgment of an innate ability to create.

For me, the way through grief is to physically write the pain down on paper. I have tried typing my thoughts, but it just didn't help. Instead, working through emotions by putting pen (not pencil) to paper is more satisfying. In part it's because the emotion is unchecked and the drama can play out naturally.

Writers live their words. They grieve when a character dies, they laugh when they say something funny and cry for all the losses and for some gains. In deciding the perfect phrase to express a feeling, the exact word to take a reader into the next paragraph or the way to carry a poem to its rhythmic ending, writers use their power to create and destroy.

You must decide for yourself which words do what and how to be alert to their influence.

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