Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Take Care of Yourself

Some of the most famous writers were also prolific drunks or drug addicts. While this may have helped them get past restrictions that stop many of us, it may also be why the best work they did occurred earlier in life when writing was the drug of choice.

I know this is a sudden change of tone, but my blog is about a healthy self respect. Also, I'm not talking about medication that helps you focus, treats cancer or the glass of wine at dinner. (This is also not about getting you dried out or into a good clinic.) Personal choices are respected and the non-judgment zone enforced here emphasizes not letting anything external get between you and the writing.

You know you've reached a point of no return on this life course if: You find yourself on a bar stool and  ignore the drink in front of you to write a slice of atmosphere down on a cocktail napkin. It also shows when even a critique can't drive you to drink. (Pun intended.)

Try writing first.

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