Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The 'Selfish' Act of Writing and Loving It

This blog is my ode to writing in all its wondrous complexity and simple pleasures.

We get to say whatever we want in the pages we write. It can be trite and still resonate and the prose can be overblown and still thrill us. This craft is nothing more nor less than the sum of all the parts we relish about writing.

You have to love it to live it completely. Forget all the struggling artist visions that everyone who considers themselves sensible will feed you in the name of rationality. (Notice how that word contains the scarcity of thought and action.) Money provides the food, the paper and the writing utensils we need to keep writing. That is only the bottom line.

Consider, instead, how reading aloud your own work is somehow satisfying. Forget the grammar, sentence structures and plot contortions that your internal editor screams about and just yell or murmur those words with all the feeling you used to create them.

It's way past time to acknowledge that writing, then reading our own works, makes this "selfish" act the most loving way we can nurture ourselves.

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