Monday, February 20, 2012

Look Around You

How do you describe the look on a baby's face who discovers that pulling up on a coffee table is a brand new experience. For a child who has only seen faces close-up in someone's arms, or the ankles, paws and waves of blankets that surround her on the floor, that instance of sheer success is empowering.

That's the feeling we seek every time we attempt to pull ourselves off the metaphorical floor to reach out beyond our current limitations. It's the new viewpoint a writer finds in walking a different way. It's the dialogue that comes from overhearing just a snippet of conversation that triggers a new story or article.

We need to shock our systems, ever so gently, with new faces, voices and tactile experiences.  Try leaving chocolate on your tongue and closing your eyes. Go out into your garden and take off your shoes, or touch the dried stems of the plants before they bloom again. In other words, look around you on another level you haven't tried yet.

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