Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Sound and Taste of Freedom

The word freedom is tossed around with abandon in this blog, and for good reason. Being free to succeed or fail, and defining what that means to us individually, is essential to the writing process.

My vision of freedom is multicolored. It glimmers with the colors of every being on earth, tastes like dark chocolate and sounds out with a clear chime. Freedom carries promise and ultimate defeat.

We can work with or against it. Writers can't buy-in to critical voices without giving away a portion of their freedom. Yet we can celebrate it by trying, failing, which we define, and succeeding.

Success is also defined by your needs, wants and the conditions you work under. This means that you decide whether the poem you write captures your vision. You choose how many words it takes to feel successful. And you determine when and how your work is seen.

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