Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Rules of No Rules

An e-mail today that offered the 39 best blogs for writers actually sucked me in. That is, they had me until I looked at one touting "No Rules" that had too many of those in the first 10 posts. Every post was an opinion piece on another aspect of writing, with each writer "selling" the idea that we must depend on expert opinions to be valid as writers.

Granted, you can read limitless articles and take a multitude of classes on the business of writing. But all those instructions will do is move you forward. For now, however, I believe that any writing prompt that pushes you in one direction should be approached warily. We need to trust in our voices and the strength they have to overcome any and all obstacles, including the criticism that is inevitable when we put our writing out there in the real world.

The first three months of this blog is just intended to encourage others to really believe in themselves as writers born to this life. The second quarter can focus on how we shape what we have discovered about ourselves into something that resonates on every level as writers.

I have already started playing with words, sounds, meanings and context again. It's been far too long since I've done that as a writer who wants to find the joy in all of this again. The one rule, for now, is that no rule is a good one and if anything in this blog sounds like one, ignore it, or tell me why you believe it smacks as one.

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