Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Feel and Heft of Pens and Paper

My writing habits show in the number and types of notebooks strewn around my house. In the past 10 years, the number has grown as my imagination caught on cues around me and refused to let go until I released them on paper.

I am picky about the type of pen, the lined or unlined page and the type of cover, or whether it stands up to being pulled in and out of a purse. (The best cover would be a metal one that didn't set off alarms at airports. Barring that, a heavy plastic cover does well.)

Triggers can be anything from a song that suddenly matches the rhythm of a feeling that swells or ebbs to the sound my cats make at my office door. The urge to write can come on in the middle of a movie, a walk or in the middle of the night when my brain cannot rest.

In other words, writing is my constant companion. And I can honestly say that life is never boring because of the feel of just the right pen on notebook paper.

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