Monday, February 6, 2012

Belly Laughs and Motivation

As writers, too often it's sadness or grief that drives us to tell a story. Maybe it's time to laugh at life and motivate ourselves through the ironies that abound in what people say, do and their intentions.

Harking back to the Super Bowl yesterday, how many of you laughed out loud at the commercials? What struck me were the very basic actions and characterizations that led to those laughs.

No matter what you have been told about humor writing, it shouldn't prevent you from trying to make yourself smile when you read a line, or even a paragraph of something that you write. (Many "experts" write or say that only a few people are skilled at humor columns or books.)

I'll just stress once again that my approach to writing motivation is one of gentle, humorous, self persuasion. It also has no rules, no failure and much laughter. It's personal and powerful in allowing a freedom that only writing can provide.

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