Saturday, January 7, 2012

Welcome Aboard

Take time for writing, even if it's three lines of what anyone else would consider nonsense. Then go back a few days later and pick out those words, phrases or sentences that paint the picture of the words and ideas that you wrote down. Build on each word, each line and each victory that writing gives you, personally.

Make sure that you are writing, at first, with pencil or pen on paper, if you can. Or set your words in clay and cure them for prosperity. In this digital age, we can lose sight of the dynamic nature of prose that evolves from its start in our memories and in how we voice our truths.

Today, I listened to  David Morrell, the author of the Rambo series, talk about the evolution of book sales and marketing at a Southwest Writers meeting. But he stressed the passion for writing that may or may not end in publishing. In doing so, he reminded me to write because I can't imagine a life without it, not because it will lead to fortune and fame.

Another writer recently talked about not honoring the book you have written, and having it deleted from your computer or burned after your death without sharing it. If this is the case for you, then take the book you have and share it without asking for a critique. In fact, stop anyone who wants to offer praise or criticism, because that  is not the reason for sharing.

When you are satisfied that the books, poems, essays and articles you have written display the honesty you showed in writing down those first words, above, then take the chance on a writing group. But choose carefully to ensure that others don't try to replace your voice with one they are more comfortable with...their own.

Finally, please come back here and share your experiences and how you make writing work for you.


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