Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Genesis of Fear

We fear what we cannot explain fully or embrace unconditionally. In writing, it can either be starting or stopping that makes our hearts stop...then start again.

Think about this word and the taste it leaves in our mouths. Is fear cold, bitter or does it break through to shock you back into awareness?

In fact, fear holds a misty, shimmering chimera at its center. In mythology, this creature flares into life with the tail of a snake, the head of a lion and a goat middle. It stands for a fantasy that others consider foolish. In genetics, the chimera is described as a single organism with a distinctive mix of differing cells.

As writers, fear can be a sign that we are getting too close to a truth that must come out. So it could be the one feeling and word we can conquer to propel us past the criticism to the intense satisfaction we derive from writing.

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