Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chomping Down on Characters

"Character" is the word to play with for the day. Like in dreams, we people our writing with various images of ourselves that we see in others around us.

These posts are also typed character by character, and as many elementary, middle and high schools, "character" counts.

We can be in character, according to others, or out of character when looking at a blank page. We can write a character assassination that is literal, or push our characters to heights we dream of but don't truly believe we can reach.

I can be a character...but prefer to manipulate the many varieties of the she's, he's and others who populate the pages of my books. And those characters, like the words and worlds around me can never be pinned down to one color, one language or one true understanding. They evolve as I do with each word, sentence and page my characters draw me into.

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