Thursday, January 26, 2012

What We Share and How We Can be Daring

What this blog is asking other writers to do is acknowledge our similarities at the same time it encourages the ways we are unique.

We share the tap, tap, tap of desire to express ourselves. And in the past, with typewriters, we had a sound that accompanied this creative urge, and didn't delete whole blocks of text when we weren't looking. With a computer keyboard, the sound is muffled, and the process can be short-circuited with a "blue screen" dump that has made too many writers scream at the loss or losses it brings.

So many of us live with an ever-present need to write something, anything, as a mantra of sorts. We think of plot, characterization and dialogue as we brush our teeth, as we drive to work and when we kiss our children goodnight. The first step is to recognize how many seemingly insignificant actions and emotions build to trigger this muse.

Where we take these moment-to-moment inspirations leads to the daring aspect of this blog. If we follow them, they dare us on to greater triumphs. If we discard or discount the ebb and flow of these gems of meaning, it haunts us. So the next step is to acknowledge that we never lose this steady stream of writing prompts, we just build on them.

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