Saturday, September 1, 2012

Finding Our Way Home

I'm not talking about a home page, more that writing is where my heart is for the long haul.

On any given day, I'm thinking about a character, closing my eyes in a movie theater to picture another scene triggered by the sound effects and finding ways to look at a different story angle spurred by an encounter with family or strangers.

It is surprising at times what triggers the urge to follow a story line to its quite unnatural end, if that is where the whim takes me. Fortunately, as writers we find ourselves constantly moved by events both seen and imagined.

This pull away from the mundane is the true charm of writing, even when we write about everyday feelings or events. Just as each of us learns in our own way, we also put together words based on that unique styling we call our own.

Again, our home as writers lies in the writing inspiration we wrap ourselves in at any given moment.

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