Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Organic Writing Path

In looking at adult learning theories for a class I am taking, it struck me that we write despite everything we have been told about why we should or shouldn't create through words.

Look at the history of communication and we share a very basic need to share our stories, to warn others of possible dangers ahead and to imagine better or worse worlds. This is the organic path we take in writing because we need to, not because we must.

Writing is as natural to human beings as breathing. We get beyond the basic need to survive in this medium, just as visual artists do through paints, chalk, clay, marble and textiles, and musicians via sounds and instruments.

We may have been taught to write, to understand the common rules that allow others to understand our works and to assign the correct meanings to words, but not everyone feels this urge. So give yourself credit for every word, idea, thought, desire and slash mark you commit to paper or digitally.


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