Saturday, September 8, 2012

Think Big! Write Small...

I'm working on several projects for school that involve research, writing and visuals. Over time, this blog, which is an endeavor of the heart and mind, needs to evolve. This will be the next step in adding video, albeit a short one, and animation to the dialog.

The overall philosophy, however, is that we build our writing talent and muscle over time by taking the small and writing it into a whole. No matter how each person accomplishes this feat, it starts with a single thought, an observation, a smell that triggers an emotion, the anger or joy that is followed almost immediately by an urge to write.

As I emphasize over and over again, this process is organic. It grows from our need to communicate and to make something amorphous into something concrete. The one desire we all share is to write, but how we get there is uniquely styled and yet familiar.

First comes the thought, the feeling, the experience... It starts with the smallest breath of inspiration.

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