Sunday, September 1, 2013

Back & Still Breathing

Tonight I am going back and forth between projects for two classes, Pinterest and now a blog post long overdue.

Looking forward, I anticipate earning a master's degree in organizational learning and instructional design by December 2014. Writing, in all its freedom and promise, helped me find and pursue a dream of possibly helping others lost in school systems that teach to the middle. (For all those teachers out there who teach to the passion, not the test, please forgive the wide brush.)

Courses on adult learners reinforced what this blog has been trying to convey: We need to find what makes us happy even when we don't earn a dime off of the efforts. We live in a time when you can find tutorials on almost everything, and no one leads you to them or grades you on the efforts. It's possible to visit countries and take in almost everything but the smells, and write that into credible and lyrical prose.

My latest major project is tiling my kitchen, and attempting to build up a freelance writing business that I've neglected because my focus split between building online courses for adults and writing for pleasure.

This blog is my connection to the writer who seeks to communicate through images rather than research.

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