Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Mentor Be or Find

A friend's love of science is a constant reminder of how creativity is found in everything that allows us to try and fail, yet succeed in the end. She has also passed on that passion for science year after year as a teacher and a biologist who can name all the wildflowers and plants that most of us must look up.  However, a deep down belief in the creativity of science, rather than a rock-solid discipline, came after talking to a research assistant who believed in science's inherent creativity.

My friend inspires me to write because of her brilliance. Other people I know or have known also serve as mentors through commitments to everything from cancer support groups to computer coding.

For the most part, however, other writers need to concentrate on their own writing rather than serve as advisers. That doesn't mean that another writer can't be a mentor, but it takes someone who is secure enough in their own style not to lose their voice in the words of someone else.

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