Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 18: Confidence in the Process

One thing I know for sure as a writer is that no one else sees the world just like me. No else puts together the ideas, the blooming words and visions that spur my muse. My writing is unique because it's my inner voice that speaks out through everything from poetry to articles on radiation therapy and cancer.

Even in researching ADD, the IDEA and creativity spurs (for anyone who has ever been through an IEP, you will understand this), what catches my attention and lives on in the writing gives a different flavor to the way characters view the world around them. Everything adds to the process; nothing detracts.

It has taken a lifetime to reach this confidence in the day-to-day surety of words and the meanings upon meanings derived from experience. The journey has also led to a rock-solid faith in a vision that evolves along with each discovery.

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